Will Vince McMahon fight again in the future?

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Will Vince McMahon fight again in the future?

Vince McMahon is back fighting in the ring, obviously not 100% due to his age, in fact he is 76, when he faced Pat McAfee at Wrestlemania 38 after the commentator beat his protégé Austin Theory. After beating his SmackDown employee, the Chairman had a confrontation with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who first landed Theory with a Stunner and then took a sip of beer with McMahon before giving him the ugliest Stunner ever.

Backstage news on Vince McMahon

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) recently recalled how Vince McMahon agreed to stop selling his merchandise to WWE fans. A new report from Fightful tells us that many people within WWE weren't very keen on the idea.

It has been pointed out that McMahon made the decision to wrestle at the Grandest Stage of Them All a few months ago, but numerous people close to the president and others on the WWE creative team have loudly voiced that they thought it was a bad idea.

The match and botch done with Stunner caused the creative team and McMahon himself to laugh a lot in the days following Wrestlemania 38. The line given was that McMahon acknowledged that it was a terrible performance and also the selling of Stone Cold's move.

it was bad, but for him as long as people were having fun and laughing it was okay. At a certain point, it seems that first the theme song of Theory and then that of Austin started by mistake, leaving the Chairman perplexed and amused.

This reaction he got made the people backstage laugh a lot too. It is still not clear if Vince McMahon has definitively stopped protecting Austin Theory after he lost his match at Wrestlemania, we just have to wait for the next few weeks to understand how he will turn out.

What is certain is that he had a blast and while the match and segment combined may have lasted a little too long, it was actually fun. The 55-year-old added that he even used to criticize fans who dressed as him at WWE shows: “I don’t want some kid in the front row wearing a JBL shirt and somebody thinking, ‘Oh, he must not be a terrible bad guy because he’s got one fan right there.’” JBL continued, “I used to see a section where people would wear the hat and a suit after a while and the towel and stuff. I would get on a microphone, I would just lambast these guys”.