Paul Heyman talks about Charlotte Flair


Paul Heyman talks about Charlotte Flair

It is not the first time that Paul Heyman's dedicated a few minutes of his interviews to praise and elevate into words some talents present in the world of wrestling, not only in WWE. In February, the manager had released a guest statement to WWE After The Bell, speaking well of his protégé Roman Reigns, of course, but also Charlotte Flair, but also Matt Riddle and even Riddick Moss, or Madcap Moss, as you prefer.

Furthermore, in another recent interview, he had not ruled out a collaboration in the future with another young talent, MJF, practically confirming between the lines that he has a lot of respect for him and for his work.

Paul Heyman reflects on Charlotte Flair

Speaking to Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Paul Heyman wanted to talk about current Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and her recent rival, Ronda Rousey, with a very intriguing speech.

"If Roman took a year off right now, and WWE wanted to give me the benefit of paying me for the next 52 weeks, they could use my character on television. Who would be the first person I would target, saying, 'you put me with her? "That would be Ronda Rousey.

I can't tell you that the former wouldn't be Charlotte Flair as opposed to Ronda Rousey. That would be interesting to me as well. I also think Charlotte Flair is a dramatically underused talent. Both from WWE but also from Charlotte Flair.

I don't think she understands how awesome she is, I don't think she is a skill that can be taught to someone with no practical experience. Along with synergy, professional intimacy and trust, and again, it's about the method.

But if I could perform with her, I think I could get something out of Charlotte. A level of greatness that she cannot reach alone. And no one can reach him, Roman Reigns couldn't reach the Tribal Chief alone." There is no doubt that it would be a really interesting match, also because the two have always known each other and have a deep respect for each other.

The transformation of Roman Reigns' character from The Big Dog to The Tribal Chief also brought a lot of changes around him. The most prominent change was the alignment with his cousins, The Usos, and recruiting of Paul Heyman as his special counsel.

We've seen the group surpass almost every opponent in their path and continue to check off accomplishments in their run as a faction. Roman Reigns has undoubtedly had a powerful presence as the top guy in WWE after allying with The Usos and has grown further into his role as the final boss in the company.

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