Conrad Thompson on Securing The Undertaker

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Conrad Thompson on Securing The Undertaker

Professional wrestlers are athletes and can only perform well if they themselves are well. Age gets the better of them, and most professional wrestlers cannot continue fighting well after they cross 50 years of age. A smart professional wrestler will open up a business that will generate passive income for him/her.

Most wrestlers are fully aware of the fact that they cannot earn after they retire. They either have to spend the rest of their lives using the money that they already earned, or make more through a business. The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time according to various journalists and outlets.

The WWE hasn’t been using him, and that can be due to the fact that he is old. He can’t perform as well as he used to. Conrad Thompson, podcaster and entrepreneur, managed to book The Undertaker for Starrcast II. The WWE isn’t happy with the Undertaker’s decision to take bookings outside of the promotion.

Conrad spoke about the deal on The Jim Ross Report. "It's no secret that Undertaker started to promote himself as being available for appearances and somebody even started to report what they suspected what his rates would be based on an hourly rate," Thompson recalled.

"I already had a deal in place by that time. But yeah, I was sort of shocked when I learned he was available for stuff like that. I assumed he would be a big part of WrestleMania”