Smackdown: Marcel Barthel debuted on the main roster

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Smackdown: Marcel Barthel debuted on the main roster

In the last few hours, news came up that the first episode of Friday Night Smackdown post-Wrestlemania could include numerous surprises, as is now the practice in recent years, with the WWE that until a few years ago kept such surprises only for the annual edition of Monday Night Raw post-Wrestlemania and that for some years now, however, has kept the charge high also for the blue brand immediately after the show of the shows.

Also tonight, therefore, just like Monday night, WWE wanted to give its fans numerous surprises, such as the debut of some athletes on the main roster, coming from NXT. We are talking about some names that had already been rumored for some time for their inclusion in the main brand and in the end tonight the official thing arrived, but what the fans did not expect, however, is that these wrestlers would change their name with their move to the main roster.

The talents who appeared this Friday at Smackdown, as fresh forces on the roster, are: Gunther, Marcel Barthel and Raquel Gonzalez. After seeing Fabian Aichner leave the Imperium, rumors had emerged in the last few hours that the remaining European team could soon move to the main roster, which happened this Friday, when the former NXT UK Champion WALTER, who became in the meantime Gunther and his faithful ally Marcel Barthel, appeared on the television screens of the blue show.

Marcel Barthel enters the main roster

The umpteenth surprise here was also the change of name of Marcel Barthel, who is now called by the WWE: Ludwig Kaiser. After years in which the WWE tried in vain to move WALTER to the main roster, always receiving a rejection in response, due to the wife of the wrestler who resided in Europe and did not want to move to the US, eventually with the separation of the two, the company managed to bring the former NXT UK Champion to the United States, first to NXT and then to Smackdown.

Following in the footsteps of the two colleagues, also Raquel Gonzalez, former NXT couple champion and former absolute champion of the women's brand of the Tuesday night show, also appeared at Smackdown in a quick promo, changing her name, who became Raquel Rodriguez for the occasion.

We will see after their fleeting debut, where the three former NXTs from WWE will be included, in what type of storyline and above all in a feud with whom.