Smackdown: Huge return on SmackDown

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Smackdown: Huge return on SmackDown

The latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown that aired this Friday night has given numerous surprises and twists to WWE Universe fans, such as the debut on the main roster of three NXT talents: Gunther, Raquel Gonzalez, now Raquel Rodriguez and Marcel Barthel, who became Ludwig Kaiser instead.

As for several years now, in fact, WWE holds several of these surprises in its first episodes of the TV tapings on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown post-Wrestlemania and just this night we also had another welcome return in the female brand of the show blu, as anticipated in the last few hours by various sites in the sector.

After hours of reading all over the place that Lacey Evans would be returning to Smackdown, the athlete finally appeared this Friday, in front of the WWE cameras, after more than a year of absence, due to her second pregnancy, from which the second child was born, with the athlete who was absent shortly after Becky Lynch, for having learned that she was pregnant, while he was feuding with Charlotte Flair.

Big surprise on SmackDown

Ronda Rousey kicked off the SmackDown after WrestleMania and after recapping her title match from last weekend. She challenged Charlotte to an 'I Quit' match. During her comeback promo, Lacey Evans talked about how she managed to grow up healthy and sturdy despite being abused in life, both mental and physical, with her and her mom picking up their belongings at a young age and literally ran away.

away, without even telling his father. Thanks to life in the American Marine Corps and thanks to the birth of two daughters, Lacey Evans was able to put all the wickedness experienced as a child and teenager behind her, showing a new character on stage in Smackown, similar to that of Sassy Suothern Belle, to which fans immediately associated his character.

After seeing her in these guises, commentator Michael Cole said Evans' story will continue at Smackdown in the coming weeks, likely with the same cartoons staged tonight. This was Lacey Evans' first WWE appearance since February of last year, when the athlete was overnight due to her pregnancy.

Xavier Woods was taken down early on, and Butch unloaded on him on the mat. The New Day member managed to reverse a tackle into the corner and send Butch into the turnbuckles before Xavier was locked in the joint manipulation hold.

Backstage on SmackDown, Sami Zayn told Adam Pearce that he was humiliated at WrestleMania and said that he would face anyone who walks through the door of the locker room to redeem himself.