Damian Priest Speaks About WrestleMania Match

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Damian Priest Speaks About WrestleMania Match

Damian Priest recently appeared on The Masked Man Show, and he spoke about his WrestleMania appearance. He appeared at WrestleMania 37 where he teamed up with Bad Bunny to fight The Miz and John Morrison. He stated that he was actually going to be replaced, but the WWE decided against that and let him wrestle.

Damian Priest Speaks About Triple H Helping Him During His Career

“I felt good that they trusted me in that role and I’m sure that there was talk because how can you trust someone that you don’t know, you know?” Priest asked.

“There are people like Hunter, who knew I was fine and he is the one, the reason why it ended up happening because I almost got switched out. They almost took me out of that spot. “I wasn’t upset or anything, I was like, ‘That makes sense.’ If I was on their shoes, 100%, that would be the way to go, and Hunter went to bat for me.

And he was like, ‘hey,’ he was like, ‘sorry that they even told you that it’s not going to be you now because I’m gonna go have a conversation, you know?’ And he explained why I should be trusted, I guess.

I wasn’t in the meeting, but I’m guessing that’s what he had to have done, you know? ‘No. I trust him, let’s trust him. He’s going to be fine’. Then they’re like, ‘okay, let’s go with Priest’.

Damian then spoke about how Triple H helped him during his WWE and NXT career. According to him, Triple H gave him very good advice that helped him do well in the WWE. “There is no Damian Priest without Triple H,” Priest said.

“That’s 100%. There are no ifs and buts about it. I am not sitting here with you if there is no Triple H. And then, so you have that. And then his help, his advice, encouraging you to believe in yourself more so than he believes in you.

Like, ‘no, no. You need to believe in yourself more.’ You know, I’m someone who always consciously doubts. Like, I’m not a negative person. I’m a very positive person, but I would question myself sometimes”.

Damian Priest stated that he learned a lot from Shawn Michaels by watching him. He also stated that Shawn is his inspiration. “After a match on NXT, it was my first actual match, like I had a few matches, but my first match against Pete Dunne, Butch now, I remember getting a text from X-Pac.

He goes, ‘you belong’. You know, I thought that was so cool because he knows the way I am and Hunter was just like that. He came up to me and he was like, ‘that’s the guy.’ You know, when I wrestled Finn Balor in NXT, he came back and he goes, ‘That is the guy I want to see every week now. That guy with that swag that you showcased out there.’"