Will Cody Rhodes be able to beat the top stars?


Will Cody Rhodes be able to beat the top stars?

Roman Reigns' victory at Wrestlemania 37 still makes a lot of noise, the Tribal Chief has also beaten The Beast Brock Lesnar and is now the absolute ruler of WWE. Roman holds the title on both Raw and Smackdown and in the last episode of the blue show, he also talked about the possibility of unifying the couple's titles so as to give the Bloodline the opportunity to dominate both WWE shows undisputed.

Wrestlemania was also the event that saw the official return to the company of Cody Rhodes: for some time there had been discussions about the date of his return, but the wrestler is back in a big way and has beaten an experienced and quality wrestler like Seth Rollins.

Many now believe in the former All Elite Wrestling wrestler and there are even those who have speculated that Cody could be the one who puts an end to the uncontested domination of the Tribal Chief.

The latest news on Cody Rhodes

WWE has announced a rematch in the meantime between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in the coming days at Smackdown, but in the meantime, there are still those who dream of the hypothesis of Rhodes as the new champion.

It has even been hypothesized (at least in the social world) of one of their matches in the SummerSlam summer Pay per view. Former WWE wrestler and veteran Dutch Mantell has talked about this possibility but giving little chance at all.

Here are his statements specifically to the microphones of Smack Talk: "Roman Reigns beaten by Cody Rhodes? I really think it's too soon. WWE and its chairman Vince McMahon have spent over two years building a character of the caliber of Roman Reigns and six really deluded if you think he loses this way.

A victory by Cody would kill the character of the Tribal Chief and I really don't think that happens. "Speaking of the former AEW Mantell he continued:" I don't think it's credible and above all, I don't think it would do Rhodes any good.

After a victory over Reigns, there is currently no one who could challenge him and the most credible hypothesis would then be a return with a Roman victory." The American Nightmare addressed the WWE Universe on RAW this week.

Seth Rollins interrupted Rhodes' promo, but instead of a fight breaking out, the two men shook hands. What seemed like a show of respect is probably just a mind-games by The Visionary.

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