Backstage news on Seth Rollins

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Backstage news on Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes is back in WWE with a great match in WrestleMania against Seth Rollins, after the latter was expressly told by Vince McMahon that his opponent would show up in the Showcase of Immortals. However, despite the handshake that took place on Monday Night Raw, their rivalry does not seem to have ended here, but should indeed continue in the coming months.

Speaking of this possibility was Andrew Zarian of Mat Men, who in addition to addressing some issues concerning Ronda Rousey, also spoke about these two great athletes, confirming the rumors that they want a long-lasting feud between the two.

Update on Seth Rollins' status

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 in a match against Seth Rollins after Vince McMahon told The Architect that he will get a surprise opponent at The Show of Shows. As per reports, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins' match was not a one-off, and the two men will be continuing their rivalry.

"If as far as Ronda Rousey is concerned, the future would seem to speak of a team with Shayna Baszler, for Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins everything seems to be heading in the direction of a long-term rivalry." The former AEW TNT champion returned to WWE after six years, in which he made himself known and appreciated in the same federation of Jacksonville and in ROH, recently taken over by Tony Khan himself.

He and Seth Rollins literally stole the show on the first night of WWE WrestleMania 38, also thanks to the excellent work of Rollins, able for the umpteenth time to elevate his opponent as a huge star. So, although Cody has expressly said to aim for the WWE title, for him first of all a rivalry with Seth Rollins would appear, at the moment far from over.

Furthermore, the latest rumors call for a future victory for the Visionary, which would then come at a final showdown in a third and final match that will take place over the next few months. Cody Rhodes, the former AEW TNT Champion returned to WWE after six years.

He had been an active part of wrestling promotions such as ROH and AEW over the years. Rhodes and Rollins stole the show at WrestleMania and had a splendid match. Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins was commended by fans and critics for making The American Nightmare look like a big star.