Jim Cornette demolishes Dominik Mysterio

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Jim Cornette demolishes Dominik Mysterio
Jim Cornette demolishes Dominik Mysterio

During his young WWE career, Dominik Mysterio once held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with his father Rey. They were the first father-son duo to win this title (their reign lasted 63 days, before being defeated by the Usos).

On January 29, Dominik took part in the Royal Rumble match entering with number 14 but was eliminated by Happy Corbin. On March 15, he and his father made an appearance at NXT 2.0, with young Mysterio getting the better of Raul Mendoza.

On the first night of WrestleMania 38, Rey and Dominik were defeated by The Miz and Logan Paul. In the latest edition of his now-famous podcast, Jim Cornette stated that Dominik Mysterio should not have participated in this edition of the 'Showcase of the Immortals'

Jim Cornette slams Dominik Mysterio

"It is not fair that all relatives of WWE legends have the right to participate in WrestleMania" - Jim Cornette began with a polemical tone. “Logan Paul is an athlete, he has charisma to spare and he has shown that he deserves that stage.

Dominik Mysterio is working hard to carve out a role within the company, but he is still far from the required standards. I love his father Rey, he is an absolute myth of this business and I have no plans to demolish his son.

However, I have to admit that he doesn't look like a credible superstar. WrestleMania is the biggest stage that exists in wrestling and Dominik was a fish out of water" - he added to the dose. Jim then commented on Cody Rhodes' return to WWE: “The hype was huge, as no one expected Cody to leave AEW to return to WWE.

In his first WWE appearances, he was presented to fans as an absolute icon. He had never enjoyed such status during his first WWE experience. The response from the public has been excellent so far. It must be admitted that Rhodes did well to leave WWE in 2016, although many criticized him at the time." WWE 2k20, which was the last traditional release of the in-ring game in October 2019, brought a lot of negativity to the gaming series.

The game received negative reviews due to glitches and poorly executed visuals and graphics. Sales were also deemed lower than in previous years. However, it appears that 2k Sports has stepped up their game for the new release.

They have also announced that Rey Mysterio will be on the cover of the game sold around the world. The former WWE Champion was selected to celebrate his 20-year anniversary as a WWE Superstar.

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