Triple H reveals the average annual salary of WWE stars

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Triple H reveals the average annual salary of WWE stars

As we all know, it is not easy to know how much the wrestler's earnings actually are in WWE, since it is a confidential figure, but often every year there are some sites or YouTube channels, which try to guess the figure, more or less.

In fact, according to, for example, some data that were shared for the year 2021 by these platforms, among the highest-paid wrestlers there would be, among the many names, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Romand Reigns and Charlotte Flair.

Obviously, even if there are no precise data that are within everyone's reach, in fact only the company, wrestlers and accountants can know certain things, it is not difficult to guess how much the salary of a Superstar can be, in particular, that of some athletes who may be in the upper part of the card and therefore certainly earning a little more, or wrestlers like Brock Lesnar who are not full time, but who the company pays well for reasons of popularity and prestige.

Triple H recently revealed an interesting tidbit about the salaries of WWE's main roster superstars. WWE, during its famous Wrestlemania Week, held tryouts dedicated exclusively to those who have just graduated from college and who are part of the famous NIL program that WWE has set up to help promising athletes enter the world of wrestling.

Triple H is a wrestling legend

These tryouts were covered, on a media level, by The Athletic, who spoke to various people attending the event, including athletes, but also WWE authorities such as WWE's senior vice president of global talent, strategy and development.

James Kimball and Triple H. Just the King of Kings revealed an interesting figure on the salary of the Stamford-based company wrestlers: “Levesque [Triple H] said that the wrestlers on the roster for Raw or SmackDown earn at least $ 250,000 a year."

Obviously it is indicative data, a basis from which to start and then add the bonuses of the samples and other things that are individually stipulated in the contracts. But already knowing this data at the base of wrestler paychecks, it's really a lot of stuff and an unexpected thing.

WWE's most recent tryouts were held during WrestleMania 38 week. The tryouts were covered by The Athletic. The sports news outlet spoke with several participants in the tryout, as well as the EVP for Global Talent Strategy & Development, Triple H.

Here's what he had to say about the salaries of main roster superstars, as mentioned in the paywalled article.