There will be huge surprises on Raw

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There will be huge surprises on Raw

In recent years, WWE has managed its rosters quite variably, separating them after a period in which it had returned to having a single roster, where all athletes could always appear where they wanted and with a single big brand that included all the talents and athletes under contract with the company.

After going through some periods in which no one had a specific roster in which to go to perform, now the WWE is back to having two separate brands, three if we also count NXT, with the rivalries between Raw and Smackdown that light up more and more close behind.

of the Survivor Series, the well-known Big Four PPV in which most of the card contains matches between athletes from the company's red show and athletes from the federation's blue show who clash. Apparently, in the next episode of the WWE Monday night red show, several names of Friday Night Smackdown athletes have already been confirmed as present, with this background that is not new, however, given that we have already seen numerous athletes several times of a roster, show up out of the blue on the opposite roster.

Latest update on Raw

Apparently, thanks to the local advertisements in the surroundings of the arena where tomorrow night's Monday Night Raw will take place and thanks also to the advertisements that air on local TV networks, as well as thanks to the confirmations received through the well-known PW Insider site, we come aware that Roman Reigns, current WWE undisputed world champion, cousins ​​Usos, the New Day and Drew McIntyre, will appear on Raw tomorrow night.

At the moment, we do not know what kind of plans WWE has for these athletes, although it is very likely that these athletes have been included in the dark main event that airs with the cameras off after the live show, as has very often already happened.

This 3 vs 3, has in fact been staged in the post-Smackdown and post-Raw for some time, although it is very likely that the Usos and Roman Reigns will also appear in the ring in front of the cameras, given their storyline that will lead them to also claim the couple titles of the red show, as anticipated in the last episode of Smackdown by the WWE Universal Champion.

But now let's see what are the matches and segments already announced for Raw: - Cody Rhodes vs The Miz
- AJ Styles vs Damian Priest
- Sasha Banks & Naomi will defend the women's tag team titles against Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan
- Rey Mysterio vs Veer Mahaan
- VIP Lounge with Omos special guest.