*Spoiler* Xavier Woods defeated Butch

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*Spoiler* Xavier Woods defeated Butch

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report. Wrestlemania 38 is now over and the new Undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns has promised that he will update us on his plans, while Charlotte has kept the female title and Sasha Banks and Naomi are the new duo champions.

In the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee everything is ready, at the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin. - The episode opens with the entry of Ronda Rousey! Meanwhile, Butch finally took to the ring on WWE SmackDown as he took on Xavier Woods in a one-on-one match.

The brawler unleashed on Woods early on and immediately put him on the backfoot.

Xavier Woods def. Butch

Xavier Woods was taken down early on, and Butch unloaded on him on the mat. The New Day member managed to reverse a tackle into the corner and send Butch into the turnbuckles before Xavier was locked in the joint manipulation hold.

Butch wasn't too happy with the result and attacked his teammates after the match. He threw chops and punches at Sheamus and Ridge Holland before perching himself on the top rope and pouting to end the segment. The match helped to build Butch's on-screen character.

The former Bruiserweight needed some screentime for himself to build his new character on SmackDown. Rowdy, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, says you have to be able to beat your opponent twice and she can't, but she will make Charlotte Flair give up again.

At Wrestlemania Backlash wants a rematch and it will be an I Quit match! CHARLOTTE APPEARS ON THE TITANTROON! The champion says she didn't give in and kept the belt, so her answer is no. Ronda, with her usual angry face, replies that she will make her opponent surrender by screaming.

Exchange of glances at a distance between the two and we can go on. Woods countered Butch with a leg sweep and a dropkick before the match headed outside, with the King of the Ring winner taking a drop on the apron. After a break on SmackDown, Butch stomped on Woods' hand and took him down with a kick.

Woods countered him with a small package for the win. So far, WWE Superstar and former Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods has had a fantastic run in the King of the Ring competition. To get to the final of the event, he had to beat Ricochet and Jinder Mahal.

With his battle against Finn Balor only a few hours away, The New Day member took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the bout.