*Spoiler* GUNTHER won his first match on the main roster

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*Spoiler* GUNTHER won his first match on the main roster

Xavier Woods vs Butch. Before the match, the New Days say that Wrestlemania is the final bet, so today we start again from 0 to 0. Butch has a name and a character that are what they are, but dear old Pete Dunne remains in the fight, violent and tenacious like few others.

Sheamus' friend controls most of the match, but eventually gets duped by a sudden Small Package ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! Victory for Woods. Post-match, Butch, as expected, does not take it well ... AND AXLE RIDGE HOLLAND! Sheamus immediately stops the newest member of his team and the former NXT Uk Champion sits on the stake with his arms crossed, offended like a child who has not been bought ice cream.

Or the latest iPhone. I don't know how today's children work. Ludwig Kaiser (f.k.a. Marcel Barthel in NXT) and GUNTHER made their WWE SmackDown debuts this week. Kaiser introduced GUNTHER ahead of his match against Joe Alonzo.

Kaiser introduced GUNTHER

GUNTHER and Kaiser celebrated their win in signature fashion after the match. It was a decent way to introduce The Ring General to the main roster. Fans saw Fabian Aichner walk out on Kaiser during a tag team match on NXT this week.

Aichner will likely stick around in NXT while The Ring General and Kaiser will push forward on SmackDown. - Backstage Sami Zayn tells Adam Pearce that it's not fair for all those people to come in during his Wrestlemania match and adds that he wants a match with the first person to leave the locker room.

Pearce is there and the two wait. Will a cameraman come out? A waiter? A light man? No. Check Drew McIntyre. I am convinced that in fact Zayn's conspiracy theory is not so far from reality and the Canadian asks to wait for the next one, but now the damage is done.

Zayn is also convinced that it could be an opportunity and the match is official. The superstar appeared during Big E & Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus & Ridge Holland. Initially, he was ringside, but he did enter the ring after Sheamus pinned Kofi Kingston.

As soon as it was announced that WWE changed his name to Butch, the fans reacted. It seems as though no one was happy with the decision. Some believe the name ‘Pete Dunne’ was good enough, while others were of the opinion that a name change shouldn’t be this tragic.

This is the second time WWE has changed the names of WWE UK Superstars to something bizarre. Previously, Piper Niven was called up from NXT UK to WWE Raw, and the company changed her name to Doudrop.