*Spoiler* Liv Morgan is increasingly dominant

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*Spoiler* Liv Morgan is increasingly dominant

Happy Talk! Madcap Moss is thrilled to win the Andrè The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but Corbin takes the floor. The ex Baron says this should have been the happiest Happy Talk ever, he should have celebrated his Wrestlemania win, but he didn't and only one person is to blame: Madcap Moss!

What? Corbin says he wouldn't have lost if Moss hadn't distracted him and his joke apologizes, but Happy says it's not enough to apologize and challenges him to make him laugh. Moss, who has never made anyone laugh, starts by saying that he has now made his friend lose him and therefore will call himself Madcap Loss.

Corbin doesn't laugh, rightly so, and says he'll give Madcap a chance again. The ex Riddick then says. Liv Morgan had control of the match and got a few early pin attempts before Sasha Banks slapped her in the face. The Legit Boss hit the backstabber and sent Morgan outside before we headed for a break.

Liv Morgan def. Sasha Banks

Back on SmackDown, Sasha Banks got the double knees in the corner but took a knee strike from Liv Morgan off a counter. The two were on the top rope, and the Women's Tag Team Champion hit a superplex, but Morgan rolled her up, getting the pin.

What would you call a person who treats their friends badly, dresses ridiculously and doesn't take responsibility? "Happy Corbin." THE FIGHTING STARTS! Corbin attacks the now ex-friend from behind and the two soon run out of the ring, but Moss turns the situation around and starts banging Happy's head on the commentator table.

Back on the square and Moss has the upper hand, with Corbin leaving licking his wounds, while Madcap screams with a voice similar to Brock Lesnar's at the best (or worst) times and steps on the hat of the former King Of The Ring.

Never seen Moss so acclaimed by the public, but we know that Corbin works wonders. Lynch and Morgan produced a thrilling match for the fans to enjoy. But the ending to the match got the fans very much disappointed. But no one looked as disappointed as the young girl, who recently got herself named the ‘Liv Girl’ by the WWE Universe.

The young ‘Liv Girl‘ looked completely pissed off after Lynch cheated to defeat Liv Morgan. Her reaction caught the cameras and WWE posted a photo of that soon after the match. The tweet even grabbed the attention of Liv Morgan, who then quickly retweeted it with a loving caption. In her tweet, Morgan wrote, “I love her”.