New details on GUNTHER's current status

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New details on GUNTHER's current status

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired this week, three of the NXT athletes made their debut in the blue show's rings, namely Marcel Barthel, now Ludwig Kaiser, Gunther and Raquel Gonzalez, with the new name of the former champion of NXT which is Raquel Rodriguez instead.

Many have wondered why WWE wanted to move the two former talents of its third brand as a couple, then leaving Fabian Aichner at NXT alone, with WWE Universe fans who had no kind of clue to decipher this shift. Apparently, it appears that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has somehow managed to pick up on some possible problems for GUNTHER, with the former NXT UK Champion who may have also been joined on the main roster over a WWE management trust issue in the game his comparisons.

GUNTHER made his big debut on WWE SmackDown on tonight's edition of the blue brand. He took on independent wrestler Joe Alonzo in singles competition, and it didn't take long for him to dispose of the young star.

Backstage news on GUNTHER

Apparently, with the massive weight loss former NXT Champion of the UK side of WWE had, some of the company executives may have lost some faith in his figure and character, with Dave Meltzer then speculating why WWE turned him back with his brave squire, Ludwig Kaiser, at his side.

In fact, in the Observer's latest newsletter, Meltzer stated: "It's interesting that they moved them in pairs and not just Gunther in singles, which surprised me a lot. Especially since the original plans wanted them on two separate rosters.

Now, however, it seems that they will continue as a tag team, without Aichner's input. I think Barthel and Aichner were a better idea as a team. Yes, it was probably a question of size. Maybe an idea could be that they no longer have faith in Gunther as a single competitor, given the great weight loss that has affected him a lot.

I know he was asked to go on a diet and that he has heard the management, unlike people like Keith Lee, but many now see him as more 'fragile' than before, as a character. Vince wants skinny people on TV. Surely he told him to lose some weight and he did, but now many no longer see him as the big big boy he was before, just as a tall guy and that's it."

This week's match against GUNTHER wasn't Alonzo's first one in WWE. On the March 21, 2022, episode of WWE Main Event, Alonzo took on Veer Mahaan in a losing effort. Before making it to WWE, Alonzo had also wrestled a bunch of matches on AEW Dark.