Backstage news on Shotzi Blackheart's status

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Backstage news on Shotzi Blackheart's status
Backstage news on Shotzi Blackheart's status

The most colorful athlete of all the roster of the Stamford-based company, certainly responds to the name of Shotzi Blackheart, a green-haired athlete, with a thousand tattoos and piercings scattered throughout the body and a truly exceptional temperament, which until a few months ago fought on ring of NXT, before moving on to the WWE main roster instead.

After a career spent in the independent circuit, where she grew up between hardcore matches and matches in the cages, Shotzi has finally landed on the important rings of the WWE, first passing through the former yellow roster of the Tuesday night, like all her colleagues and then arriving at the main roster, where she should've been currently fighting in the Friday Night Smackdown rings.

However, since her last appearance several weeks ago, on the rings of the blue show, Shotzi has in fact no longer appeared in the WWE programs, nor in the various multi-woman matches, nor in the company's Showcase of the Immortals, in which all of them took part the most important women in the federation, in one way or another.

Latest news on Shotzi Blackheart

Why hasn't Shotzi Blackheart been on WWE SmackDown lately? Shotzi has only been in the ring on WWE television twice in 2022. She competed in the Women's Royal Rumble match back in January and then lost to Sasha Banks in a match on the February 25 episode of SmackDown.

She hasn't been seen since. According to what was reported by the well-known website, Ringside News, it would seem that WWE has deliberately chosen to leave Shotzi out of the scene, due to a lack of ideas and creative plans for her.

Apparently, according to the journalists of the well-known site, there would be no type of heat against the former NXT girl, nor other physical or behavioral problems that force her to stay out of the scene. Simply, WWE would be keeping her on stand-by, waiting for some storyline plan that involves her to emerge from the creative team, which is currently completely on the high seas with the girl.

In all these weeks, Shotzi has appeared in some live event or in some dark match, such as the last one on March 25, when she lost her fight against Aliyah at the Barclays Center, without then having more space in the shows that matter.