A new challenge awaits Cody Rhodes

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A new challenge awaits Cody Rhodes

Over the past few months, we have reported on our news board the news that Mustafa Ali, a lightweight athlete who played for months at 205 Live and then on Monday Night Raw, has officially requested his release from WWE, after weeks and months of no appearances.

on-screen, with the Pakistani-born boy who would have gotten bored like many other colleagues in the past, of being treated like an ordinary jobber, without serious plans for his future or without storylines and front-line feuds.

After a brief moment in which Ali fought with Mansoor, coming out of the great storyline of the Retribution, with the two who have come to culminate their storyline in the Saudi Arabian rings at Crown Jewel, there was no time for both.

no space on TV, with Ali who could no longer hold up and blurted out against the management and against the Chairman himself Vince McMahon, eventually asking for his release also online via social media, as done in the past by other colleagues such as Andrade and the late Luke Harper.

After all this affair, among other things, Cesaro also quietly left WWE, not renewing his expiring contract, with the renewal offer from McMahons to the fighter's address which was evaluated as a real insult towards him.

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 in a match against Seth Rollins after Vince McMahon told The Architect that he will get a surprise opponent at The Show of Shows. As per reports, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins' match was not a one-off, and the two men will be continuing their rivalry.

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38

After seeing the American Dream's youngest son return to Wrestlemania 38, Cody Rhodes who turned out to be Seth Rollins' mysterious opponent in WWE's Showcase of the Immortals, Ali wanted to bring a challenge before the eyes of the WWE Universe, or rather he tried to tease the minds of the fans, asking them who should be now the challenger of the American Nightmare, after the visionary Rollins.

After posting a photo with the question on social media, the former leader of Retribution, Mustafa Ali, also broke his silence, bluntly challenging the former WWE Intercontinental Champion and the former AEW TNT Champion.

That the return of Cody Rhodes has given hope in the future of him in the WWE rings to the former athlete symbol of the Retribution? That the time has come to see him in action in the rings of Monday Night Raw after months for him too without plans and without a match?