Kevin Owens reveals his dream match

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Kevin Owens reveals his dream match

In the last few years, the WWE has staged numerous plans that initially did not have to be quite like this, for how they were designed and how they were prepared to be aired, but due to some inconveniences and due to several changes.

running, they then appeared as we have seen. One of the many things that have changed in the running in the last editions of Wrestlemania is certainly how the company's wanted to stage the best possible match, such as in the Wrestlemania edition 32, when the management of the Stamford-based federation wanted to bring Shane McMahon, son of the WWE Chairman back to the showcase of the Immortals rings, sending him against The Undertaker.

Apparently, even in that case, the match against Shane was a makeshift, since initially, The Undertaker was to be expected against the Canadian Kevin Owens, who this year probably received the greatest fortune of his career at Wrestlemania, or stepping into the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin, after 19 years of inactivity, at the show.

In his latest interview on The Sportsman's microphones, with Joe Baiamonte, former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens wanted to talk about this topic, which until now was truly a mystery still for WWE Universe fans.

Kevin Owens wanted to challenge The Undertaker

Owens said: "Things changed then but it was the year Shane McMahon returned and obviously at that time my stay with the company compared to Shane returning after several years, the thought was that probably Shane vs The Undertaker was a great match.

But I know it was on the table and it was also heavily discussed and obviously, it would have been a crazy match for my first Wrestlemania, going right up against the Undertaker. It would have been very sweet, but it didn't happen, but I was in the ring with him after this episode.

I was with him in the ring at Madison Square Garden and he was very cool." Speaking to a day before The Showcase of Immortals, Kevin Owens said he'd been a Jackass fan for a long time, and his match against Steve Austin was the only thing that stopped him from being bitter about Sami's bout: "I love the Jackass movies, I’ve always loved them, I’ve been a fan of Johnny Knoxville for a long time.

The fact that Sami gets to do this with him is so awesome. If I wasn’t in the ring with Stone Cold this weekend, I’d be real bitter and jealous! It’s all good, I’m happy for him."