WWE has changed plans for Cody Rhodes

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WWE has changed plans for Cody Rhodes

The biggest twist to come on the first night dedicated to Wrestlemania 38, was certainly the return to the WWE rings of Cody Rhodes, former AEW athlete, who recently signed a multi-year contract with the McMahons, after being absent for a few years from the Stamford company ring.

Even though fans had known for weeks how the mysterious athlete who would face Seth Rollins would be WWE Hall of Famer's youngest son Dusty Rhodes, WWE wanted to keep it confidential until the very end, even chartering a private jet to bring the former TNT Champion of the Khans company to Dallas.

In the end, it was Cody Rhodes who magically appeared in front of the WWE Visionary at Wrestlemania 38, with cheering Dallas fans who could not wait to see him again in the rings that have seen him grow up for years, first with his name and then under the clothes of Stardust.

After his victory against Seth Rollins, Cody also appeared in the post-Wrestlemania episode of Monday Night Raw, with his promo having a very high specific weight regarding his future, with the athlete saying quite a lot of important things.

Backstage news on Cody Rhodes

Thanks to the latest updates reported by the Fightful Select microphones, we learned that Cody Rhodes' speech would be moved from the post-Wrestlemania red show lineup due to some alleged timing issues, with that promo actually supposed to end the show initially.

In the latest podcast of the well-known site, it is revealed that: "On Monday, the Cody Rhodes segment was scheduled to go on stage last, also appearing internally on the sheets, until 7 pm the same day. For the moment, we have not been given an official reason why the segments of Cody and Reigns have been moved."

During the segment, The American Nightmare stated that he needed to get his hands on the world championship "belt" and compete against the best wrestlers but was quickly shot down by The Miz. The latter sternly corrected Cody, saying it was a title and a belt was used to hold up the pants.