Johnny Gargano on working with Triple H

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Johnny Gargano on working with Triple H

Shortly before the 38th edition of WrestleMania, Triple H announced his definitive retirement from wrestling. In September 2021, The Game underwent a delicate heart operation and abandoned the desire to return to the ring. In addition to being an undisputed symbol of the modern era, HHH was also the main architect of the 'NXT miracle'

The 14-time world champion has personally contributed to the birth and rise of the 'Black and Gold' brand, making it a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows. Crucial was the help of his great friend Shawn Michaels, who took over the reins of 'NXT 2.0' during Hunter's long period of absence.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Johnny Gargano revealed what it was like to work closely with two legends like HBK and Triple H. During his six years in WWE, Gargano was one of the pillars of NXT.

Johnny Gargano opens up on Triple H

"Triple H has an incredible work ethic, to say the least.

He and Shawn Michaels are great at taking care of the small details, without ever losing sight of the big picture. When you can work with two minds like HBK and The Game, the result is guaranteed. It is thanks to them that my feud with Andrade was so successful” - revealed Johnny Gargano.

Johnny returned to his farewell to WWE: “It wasn't a decision made overnight, I've been thinking about it for over a year. Destiny wanted this choice of mine to combine perfectly with the fact that Candice was pregnant.

I had a great time at NXT, the door is always open, I could come back at any time." Gargano has a dream in the drawer: “I'd like to face Kenny Omega one day. We are talking about one of the best wrestlers in the world, if not the best ever.

I know very well that the one between him and me would be a dream match for a lot of people and I would be delighted too." WWE's most recent tryouts were held during WrestleMania 38 week. The tryouts were covered by The Athletic.

The sports news outlet spoke with several participants in the tryout, as well as the EVP for Global Talent Strategy & Development, Triple H. Here's what he had to say about the salaries of main roster superstars, as mentioned in the paywalled article: "Levesque [Triple H] said wrestlers on the main roster for “Raw” or “SmackDown” earn at least $250,000 annually."