WWE is still uncertain about Roman Reigns' future

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WWE is still uncertain about Roman Reigns' future
WWE is still uncertain about Roman Reigns' future

Since Roman Reigns returned after a small hiatus following the outbreak of the pandemic, he has never stopped for a second, elevating the WWE and its character, also thanks to the help of Paul Heyman. In fact, the two teamed up and the Big Dog became the Tribal Chief, then forming the Bloodline stable together with its cousins, the Usos, to dominate Friday Night SmackDown, and if necessary also Monday Night Raw.

From week to week the Samoan has increased his status more and more, arriving then at Wrestlemania 38 to challenge Brock Lesnar in a match of unification of the universal title and that of the WWE. Roman managed to win the match by becoming the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The latest news on Roman Reigns

According to well-known reporter Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, the company has not yet decided what to do with Roman Reigns and the two titles that are in its hands.

The company is also unsure of his commitments. "As far as I know, and that's something I've been told, it hasn't been decided yet how to deal with this whole situation. Like, the concept of how they're going to do this unified title thing, I don't think they've decided if it's going to be on Raw every week.

or every other week. It hasn't been set yet. They're working on all of this right now, thinking about how to handle the situation." Roman Reigns in the latest episode of SmackDown also made it known, together with the Usos, that the twins also intend to win the tag team titles on Raw, taking home two more belts in addition to those tag team titles in the blue show.

All these signals related to the belts and the Bloodline could lead to a unification of the brands, effectively canceling the two separate shows, to have only one, even if this does not seem to please the WWE Universe very much.

We just have to wait and see how the Stamford company will behave. The match between the two stars lasted only 12 minutes. Fans had expected the match to go longer considering other matches on the card crossed the 20-minute mark.

While Lesnar's most matches are usually kept short, the ending felt rushed and abrupt, sparking rumors that a potential Reigns injury had something to do with it. As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the match between the two at WrestleMania marked the end of the feud.

While Roman Reigns is expected to unify the championships and remain WWE's only world champion for a few months, there is no word on what is next for Lesnar.

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