New details on Lacey Evans' current status

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New details on Lacey Evans' current status

The latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown which aired last Friday night gave WWE Universe fans numerous surprises and twists, such as the debut on the main roster of three NXT talents: Gunther, Raquel Gonzalez, now Raquel Rodriguez and Marcel Barthel, who became Ludwig Kaiser instead.

For several years now, in fact, WWE holds several of these surprises in its first episodes of the TV tapings on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown post-Wrestlemania and just this night we also had another welcome return in the female brand of the show blu, as anticipated in the last few hours by various sites in the sector.

After hours of reading all over the place that Lacey Evans was returning to Smackdown, the athlete finally appeared this week, in front of the WWE cameras, after more than a year of absence, due to her second pregnancy. Lacey Evans has been absent from WWE programming since February 2021 due to being away on maternity leave.

What's next for Lacey Evans?

The Sassy Southern Belle and her husband welcomed a new baby girl into their family on October 16, 2021. In her latest interview with Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray, a well-known Hall of Famer of the McMahon family, better known as Bubba Ray Dudley, wanted to have her say on the totally new repackaging of the Smackdown marine, saying: “I loved hearing that story last night at Smackdown because that's what we wanted from the start.

I know they've wanted to give him the 'Southern Belle' gimmick in the past, with her accent, '50s pin-up style. But when you force someone down the throat of fans, like with Lacey Evans, you want to lead me to hate a single mom who is also a marine.

I'm sorry, but she was just raised that way, as a single mom, Lacey, but she has every right to be a mom and also to be a marine. When I got the story - then WWE told us more about her, about her story from her past, I can't hate the person that way, especially a marine.

In my eyes, they finally ended up on the right path." Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that Lacey Evans is reported to be attending SmackDown this Friday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While it has been stated that she will be in attendance, there is no word if that means she will be making an on-screen return.