JBL may have a new role in the future

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JBL may have a new role in the future

During the latest After The Bell podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer JBL and Ron Simmons talked about The Undertaker and Vader. On The Undertaker, Simmons revealed: “I remember him and saw him take his first steps in WWE. He has always been himself...

I have the greatest admiration for him. I've been close to many athletes but I've never seen him complain about doing anything in the ring or anything. This is a quality that I really care a lot about when I watch and rate a wrestler.

He has great qualities but this is the best in my opinion."

JBL is a wrestling legend

JBL stated instead, that The Undertaker and Ron Simmons are great examples according to him: "Without taking away from anyone else in the Hall Of Fame.

But there are some guys who are pillars and cornerstones of this business, Ron is one of them. , the first heavyweight champion of color. Bruno Sammartino was also a great pillar, a cornerstone of the activity. And Undertaker is also part of this category of athletes."

Another wrestler who was inducted into this year's Hall Of Fame was Vader. Ron Simmons recalled an episode: "I loved working with him so much. For a big man of 400 pounds, he had athletic abilities like Yokozuna. A big guy who can move like that, that's amazing.

You would never imagine a guy that big. , move like that. He had some of those qualities that The Undertaker had." On Big Van Vader, JBL instead revealed: "To tell you how much respect I have for Vader. In his last PPV, he asked to do a match with me.

He loved Ron and he loved the APA. He worked with me and him for a while. I liked him. He said to me that day of the PPV, 'I asked to work with you. Today you will take old Vader. When you beat someone today, you will beat someone important.

I will have you beat old Vader. This is the last thing people will see...' It had all been really beautiful." Speaking on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, JBL said he once contacted Vince McMahon after noticing that a new shirt had gone on sale.

The WWE Chairman did not know about the merchandise and immediately agreed to take it off the market. “The first time I saw a JBL shirt, I literally called Vince. I said, ‘What are you doing putting out a JBL shirt?’ He goes, ‘I had no idea it was put out.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t want some fan on the front row [wearing it].’ Vince goes, ‘I know, take it off.’ So I never let anybody put out a JBL shirt ever. It was out for a short time and I got it taken off,” JBL said.