Raw: Tommaso Ciampa made his Raw debut

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Raw: Tommaso Ciampa made his Raw debut

Like every year, close to Wrestlemania, or rather immediately afterwards, the WWE makes some shifts with its wrestlers, sending the athletes who have now finished their stint to NXT in the main roster, either on the side of Friday Night Smackdown or from that of Monday Night Raw, with several names making their final move to the main roster, receiving the long-awaited call from every young WWE Superstar.

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, we saw three debuts on the blue show, with the Imperium, now made up of only two people and then Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser, the new name of Marcel Barthel, who thus moved on to work in the rings of Smackdown, just like former NXT overall and duo champion Raquel Gonzalez, who became Raquel Rodriguez in his move to Smackdown.

Tonight on Raw, on the other hand, it was the moment of the passage of an important former NXT Champion to finish his journey towards the main roster, with Tommaso Ciampa who made his debut in the red show's rings, in a comedy segment with Kevin Owens and Ezekiel, Elias' brother in the WWE storyline.

During a backstage segment in the various interludes of Monday Night Raw, the familiar face of NXT appeared in front of the WWE cameras, with this debut that is now official, having greeted the entire audience of the company's color show just a few weeks ago.

Tommaso Ciampa made his debut on Raw

Within this segment, in which Tommaso Ciampa was initially alone, at a certain point he found himself in the company of Ezekiel, an athlete who has recently returned to the ring of the red show, wanted to introduce himself to Ciampa.

Kevin Owens eventually stumbled upon it as well, who went on to state that Ezekiel is blatantly beardless Elias with shorter hair, with Owens passing so sensationally from having a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event.

of Wrestlemania to making low-quality comedy segments in the interludes of Monday Night Raw. Prior to the news posted by PWInsider, there have been questions regarding the pair's future due to so many of their peers from the previous era parting ways with the company.

Ciampa and Dunne have been a part of the former black and gold brand since 2015 and 2017 respectively. Dunne and Ciampa also wrestled individual matches on a recent taping of Main Event. The former went up against Akira Tozawa while the latter had a matchup with T-Bar.