Cody Rhodes on his father, the WWE offer and a conversation with McMahon

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Cody Rhodes on his father, the WWE offer and a conversation with McMahon

Cody Rhodes is still causing euphoria among wrestling fans, and his arrival has delighted all those who follow WWE. Rhodes also revealed how the contact between him and WWE came about, and what the conversation looked like.

“I can say that we had a meeting in Atlanta and I didn’t expect the meeting to go bad but I thought, oh, I’ll be presented something that is not for me but I’ll be able to say thank you so much and I’ll be able to get closure on the first chapter,” Rhodes said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“Because the first chapter ended really poorly. ‘Hey, I’ll see you next week,’ ‘no, you won’t.’ And hey, here’s my post on how I’m gone guys, no one is keeping me down.

I never got closure on that, I never got it from Hunter, I never got it with Vince, I never got it. That conversation was just sparkling and it was really 95% of that conversation was about my daughter.

Cody on his early life event

His father, Dusty Rhodes is a legend of the sport.

Cody recalled one event “So that was just special, I remember telling him afterward thank you and if we never talk again, I feel so good because there’s a lot of equity and history with my family. I’m the meanest of all the Rhodes guys, I’m like an angry little kid sometimes with Dustin and Dusty, but Dusty worked for Vince Sr.

and has nothing but glowing things about him. He and Vince had a wonderful experience going against each other and competing against each other. Not many people know this but when I was 17-18, we were broke. He didn’t want us to know he was broke, he found ways and a lot of that was through independent wrestling."

Cody Rhodes on the offer and money Not everything was so ideal in Rhodes ’life. “One time my power went out and me and my sister were too proud of him to know. In 2005, when he went back to WWE they put his picture on and he was a writer for SmackDown, he was having a great time and he did that DVD and he got the residual cheque for the DVD.

And my mom hit her knees and thanked God because it kind of saved our family. That’s tons of equity. I can break every throne, I can make fun of some of the fun things there are that we all make fun of as wrestling fans but you’re still that kid, and I wanted him to know that and I got to tell him that.

The fun part was the pitch was really good. It was really good and I thought he was going to tell me something terrible, and this was really good and it was kind of something I needed to hear. It became the easiest decision I had ever made because it wasn’t about money. Everybody pays really well in wrestling now, it was about unfinished business”.