The Undertaker will have his own podcast

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The Undertaker will have his own podcast

It seems strange to think that one of the most reserved men in the world of wrestling, who practically did not give interviews when he fought in order not to leave the character, slowly started in the world of documentaries and podcasts.

In fact, The Undertaker in recent years has made for example his documentary The Last Ride, where he tells the story of his life and his career up to his farewell to the ring and he's also participated in WWE Most Wanted Treasures, where he donated some iconic items of his character, right to the Stamford-based company, telling the meaning behind masks or clothing.

And now it looks like the next step for him, after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2022, is to have a podcast of his own as Stone Cold Steve Austin, on Peacock and the WWE Network.

The latest news on The Undertaker

WWE legend The Undertaker hopes that Bray Wyatt returns to Vince McMahon's company somewhere down the line.

Yesterday with a simple tweet, the Twitter profile WrestleVotes, known for being very accurate when it reports some rumors, has just made it known that this possibility for the Deadman has been discussed. “In a show similar to that of Broken Skull Sessions, Peacock & WWE convinced The Undertaker to enter the world of podcasting.

The source says his new show is expected to start in the next few months. A fascinating concept that was unfathomable only a few years ago." It's strange to think of The Undertaker in this capacity, especially since he has also said he's very nervous lately about the speech he had to give in the Hall of Fame: “I'm honestly a little overwhelmed right now with the speech.

It's kind of the closest thing, in terms of feeling pressured, that I've had to do since putting together a Wrestlemania match. I've been pretty much pressure-free for the past couple of years since Boneyard Match and you know, after a 30-year career with WWE, there's talk and I'm trying to be different, and not do the same thing that most people do.

fans, it has become a self-imposed task." The Undertaker disappeared from WWE TV after Brock Lesnar ended his legendary winning streak at WrestleMania 30. As WrestleMania 31 loomed closer, Bray Wyatt set his sights on The Phenom.

Wyatt delivered a series of cryptic promos on the Road to WrestleMania, eventually challenging him to a match at the mega event. The Deadman accepted the challenge and made his long-anticipated return at The Show of Shows.