New details on The Miz's future

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New details on The Miz's future

In an interview with The Detroit News ahead of his match against Cody Rhodes last night on Raw, The Miz reflected on the changes and how he views his current role in WWE. "I would say my role in the company now is that of a person who can develop newcomers, but also be in the main event, or help the main event, or be in the middle of the card.

I can be anywhere," said Miz. "I'm the person they can go to and say, 'Hey, we've got this,' and if they give it to me, they know it's going to be gold." As for what we should expect from his future, the wrestler replied: "I hope to be able to do things at the top of my level, stay injury-free, have fun and maybe have a couple more shows on television."

So we can deduce that for now, the Superstar has no plans to retire from the business anytime soon.

Backstage news on The Miz

The Miz was in attendance as WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss married longtime musician boyfriend Ryann Cabrera over the weekend in an intimate wedding ceremony.

The Miz most recently was at WrestleMania 38 paired with celebrity Logan Paul to defeat Dominik and Rey Mysterio, though he later turned his back on Paul by attacking him as a real heel. Miz discussed what his goal was for that match and for all those where famous people step into the ring.

"My goal, whenever a celebrity walks in, is not to see them sit on the sidelines and watch me work. What the fans have paid to see is: Will Logan Paul be able to do that? And I want to be able to give the fan this response, whether it is positive or negative.

So I'm going to push any celebrity that's out there to be the best version of themselves, and it only works if they have the heart, dedication, willpower, and athletic ability to do it." The Rockstar-themed wedding, which was held on the 9th of April, 2022, witnessed attendance by over 300 guests.

The walk down the aisle at the commencement of the ceremony by best man Mike Mizanin (The Miz) and best friend of the bride, Savelina, was done in quite an entertaining manner. The former WWE RAW Women's Champion donned a blue gown while waving a bouquet of flowers in her hand, while the former WWE Champion amused the guests with his dance moves.