Jericho on Ronda Rousey’s Statement

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Jericho on Ronda Rousey’s Statement

Most fans take professional wrestling characters very seriously! The hardcore fans of some of the world’s best wrestlers sometimes forget that wrestling is just a show. What wrestlers say or do in the ring is all part of the script that they are given.

Wrestlers cannot do whatever they feel like when working on TV, as it can get them in serious trouble. Most professional wrestlers aren’t given any creative freedom by the WWE. Ronda Rousey recently turned heel and beat Becky Lynch really badly.

Lynch and Rousey have been at war on Twitter! Things escalated when Rousey threatened to go off script and beat Lynch. This week, she almost did go off script, or did she? A good wrestler will make everything that they say or do look extremely real.

We sometimes never find out whether what a particular wrestler did in the ring was a work or a shoot. Chris Jericho wrote something on Twitter recently which was directed towards Rousey, although he didn’t mention her.

He wrote, “Makes me smirk when wrestling fans & critics get up in arms about something a performer says or does. This is show business..nothing more, nothing when an action or promo illicits a reaction and connects w an audience, it’s successful!

Sit back & enjoy the ride kids!” Wrestling characters were never to be taken seriously in the past! Things have changed!