Has WWE lost faith in Asuka?

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Has WWE lost faith in Asuka?

In recent months, many WWE Superstars have unfortunately had to leave the scene, facing a long period of forced stop, some on account of being fired from the company, falling within the framework of financial cuts due in part to the situation linked to the covid and those for personal problems or injuries, more or less serious.

Among the many excluded from the WWE storylines, we find in fact characters of the caliber of Bayley, struggling with a leg injury, Big E, recently examined by WWE doctors for having fractured two cervical vertebrae and therefore at home totally immobile or even Asuka, struggling with another shoulder injury, which seems to be ready to return, but has not returned for weeks.

More than someone, it seems to be that WWE is deliberately keeping Asuka away from the scene, due to a lack of trust in her, which, however, would be attributable only to the management of the company, given that every time the WWE has called Asuka, she's always been ready.

New details on Asuka

As per PWInsider, Asuka was spotted backstage at WrestleMania 38. The former RAW Women's champion has been absent since Money In The Bank last year. It was believed that she will make her return on the red brand after WrestleMania.

However, that did not happen. In his latest speech to the microphones of the Busted Open podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer, currently working on the AEW television screens, Mark Henry, wanted to have his say on the delicate situation in which the Japanese WWE seems to be.

Precisely on this issue, Henry affirmed: "If WWE has currently lost faith in Asuka, I think it is definitely their fault because when she arrived she was not the same Asuka that she later left. The Asuka she left behind, you know, I'd show you Rocky videos as she trains.

I'd show her to you in the Dojo with her young girls. I would show her to work with the intent of making her come back and show her in her mirror or by seeing a video in which you can see all the successes she has had with her and that she has always managed to confirm herself.

This is all you need. Asuka and Bayley have both been spotted in Dallas for Wrestlemania 38 weekend. Since I KNOW we will get 100 emails about this, no sign of Alexa Bliss as of this writing," said Mike Johnson of PWInsider.