Sasha Banks gives herself a strange gift

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Sasha Banks gives herself a strange gift

Every WWE Superstar has a different way of celebrating their victory in the company's rings, with some wrestlers who have done particular things in the past, such as the famous dive of Eddie Guerrero, who after winning the title of WWE Champion literally plunged into the middle of the public, letting himself be carried by them for a few seconds, who were ecstatic with his victory.

Many other colleagues have instead found other spectacular ways to celebrate, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, who drinks beer in profusion, also inviting reporters, Chairman, opponents to the ring, and then always hitting them with a resounding Stunner, to leave the public always happy and happy.

Apparently, this year the WWE Boss also wanted to celebrate in style, a few days after her victory of Wrestlemania 38, where she became the couple champion of the WWE main roster together with Naomi, after defeating several opposing teams, among which there were also former champions Queen Zelina and Carmella.

Sasha Banks recently recalled "the worst thing" that ever happened to her hair in WWE during a match against Asuka. Obviously, the celebration of a girl like Sasha Banks could not be sober, given the very flashy and "sparkling" style of the WWE couple champion, with Sasha who in her latest post on Instagram wanted to show the incredible dentures of diamonds that the athlete has made to measure for her teeth.

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Here are the incredible photos of the gift the girl gave herself just a few days ago: "Ahhhhhhhh So this is the taste of diamonds. My new six-carat grid to celebrate my big Mania win was built by SuperJeweler number one.

They are seriously the best and can do literally anything you want with the best diamonds and precious stones. Look for them on the SuperJeweler site." As Marilyn Monroe used to say: "Diamonds are a woman's best friend" and apparently the best friends of WWE champions as well, with Sasha Banks spending a lot of money getting this new grid made.

for teeth, just for a WWE ring win. As seen in the clip above, The Role Model could not fix the problem despite her best efforts. "The next thing you know, I'm just going, 'I have to finish the match.' I finish the match, and I'm on the floor."

Banks continued, "I'm looking at my tag team partner Bayley. I'm like, 'Help me! Help me!' She's pulling my wig down, and she just goes, 'I can't.' "