*Spoiler* WWE unveils first names for Money in the Bank

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*Spoiler* WWE unveils first names for Money in the Bank

One of the most important ppv that WWE currently has within its annual calendar, is certainly Money in the Bank, although it is not one of the four immovable Big Four PPVs of the WWE, namely: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series.

Although the four Big Four PPVs have been staged for decades with the Stamford federation, the Money in the Bank, which takes its name from the homonymous match with the company stairs, attracts millions and millions of spectators from all over the world every year, also because this PPV entitles a man and a woman to have a title shot for a world title, such as the Royal Rumble, but in this case at any time they want, making them two loose mines ready to become world champions in every second on the ring of the company, as happened last year with Big E and Nikki ASH, with the two both successfully becoming champions.

WWE reveals first names for Money in the Bank

There are a few WWE premium live events that fans look forward to each year. One such is Money In The Bank. WWE has already started advertising for the event, set to take place in July.

Some of the biggest stars in the company are being advertised for the event through social media. With the commercials starting to run around the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, WWE has voluntarily begun to hint at what big names it will bring to the stage with its ppv with the stairs, with numerous big names on the federation rosters obviously they will not fail.

As revealed by PW Insider, here are the WWE high-sounding names for ppv: Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Bobby Lashley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair and Drew McIntyre. Obviously, numerous other Superstars will also take part in the event on June 2nd, but for the moment the WWE has wanted to advertise only these names, which are also the most important ones on its roster, in order to be able to sell as many tickets as possible for the event.

as soon as the ticket offices are open. The thing that stands out most at the moment, however, is the presence of Brock Lesnar, who thus returns to attend a WWE ppv after the scorching defeat against Roman Reigns in Wrestlemania 38.

As all these stars appear in the official promotional material for the event, it is to be noted that not all of them are confirmed to or even scheduled to make an appearance on July 2.