Bayley continues to send cryptic messages

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Bayley continues to send cryptic messages
Bayley continues to send cryptic messages

In the last two years, several WWE Superstars have been absent from the rings of the McMahon-owned company, for various reasons, those who have been released by the federation for budget cuts, those who have asked for their personal release to find luck in other shores, such as the AEW or IMPACT Wrestling and those who have suffered very long injuries, which force them to stay home for some time.

The two athletes of the company who are currently still under contract but who are unwilling to fight for a medical problem, are Bayley and Asuka, with both former world champions of the federation who are stopped at home for two completely different reasons.

If Asuka now seemed to have recovered from her injury and had been planning to return to the rings of Monday Night Raw for some time, after the WWE had also prepared plans for her for the Royal Rumble, Bayley instead seems to be still struggling with the injury that hit her leg several months ago when she stopped at the Performance Center during a pain workout.

Bayley teases the WWE Universe

According to reports, WWE Superstar Bayley is set to return very soon. She is expected to make an appearance shortly after WrestleMania 38. In the last few hours, the former Friday Night Smackdown champion wanted to continue to leave cryptic messages and hardly decipherable clues about her future on her social pages, with the WWE athlete who hasn't been seen in the McMahon company rings for months.

With a double message whose nature is still unclear, here's what the former WWE champion wanted to say to her supporters: "In my time zone" and "Because of you/yours." At the moment, Bayley still does not appear to have been declared adept at returning to fight in the ring, although that step may not reach the eyes and ears of WWE Universe fans until after the girl's actual return in front of the company's cameras, so with these messages we could expect his return at any moment, even if these cryptic tweets have been going on for several days and therefore leave enough time they find.

At the start of her WWE career, The Huggable One won the hearts of fans on both NXT and RAW. The fan-favorite played an adorable on-screen character who had realized her dream of becoming a wrestler. However, after a few years, her persona began to become stale, so she needed to shake things up.

Bayley Mvp

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