*Spoiler* Damian Priest is increasingly threatening


*Spoiler* Damian Priest is increasingly threatening

The episode of Raw opens with the arrival of The Miz dressed in an elegant way ready to interview Cody Rhodes on MIZ TV! After taking the boos from the Detroit crowd, Miz announces Rhodes that he is being cheered on by the entire Arena, with Miz remaining unmoved (probably jealous).

We talk about the past, obviously without mentioning the federations, of Rhodes's father, Dusty, the great WWE legend, of the possible Re-match with Rollins and of what he will want to do in the future after being 6 years out of the Stamford-based federation.

Cody doesn't hide and claims he wants the Undisputed WWE Universal Belt (Miz corrects it by calling it Title and that the Belt puts it on his pants to keep them on). Damian Priest was sent outside early on before AJ Styles got a knee strike and a diving forearm off the apron.

AJ went back in and hit another dive over the ropes to the outside, taking Priest down before we headed for a break.

AJ Styles vs. Damian Priest

Back on RAW, AJ Styles was still in control and got a big clothesline in the corner before getting the near fall off an inverted DDT.

Damian Priest got some big kicks and took AJ down before Styles came back with a Pele Kick. Useful information. Miz is infuriated by stating that Cody's victory alone at WrestleMania isn't enough to be the first contender for WWE's biggest title.

Rhodes says to calm down, that he respects him and respects everything Miz has done in his career but the latter takes it very personally and, as Cody leaves, Miz tries to hit him from behind, failing miserably. DOMINIK MYSTERIO VS VEER.

Last week the match Rey Mysterio vs Veer was announced but, probably, due to some unknown problem, Dominik replaces his father in the match against Veer. The match obviously dominated by the Indians who came from afar, perhaps too far since "Veer is coming" was announced in 2021 (for those who remember, they will surely remember when).

Veer subdues Dominik, attacking him even after the end of the match and even sending him to the hospital. In the post-match interview, Veer states that he wants to frighten the hearts of all his opponents. WINNER: VEER. Styles tried for the Phenomenal Forearm but Damian swatted him out of the air. Damian then kneeled in the middle of the ring as the lights went out and the match came to an abrupt end.

Damian Priest Raw