*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley promises revenge

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*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley promises revenge

AJ STYLES VS DAMIAN PRIEST. Before the match among these that I consider the best wrestlers .. sorry, I meant the best Superstars of RAW, Styles, while being interviewed backstage, sees Priest pass in front of his eyes who is viciously attacked by Phenomenal One.

In the ring, the two don't tell each other. Styles tries to prepare for the Styles Clash, but Priest manages to push him back, sending him to the corner. Styles then prepares to launch from the second rope but Edge's chosen one kicks him but does not win the match.

Priest leads the match against Styles who, from the apron tries to execute the Phenomenal Forearm, without succeeding and also takes a nice kick in the head from Damian. The VIP Lounge hosted Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW, but MVP wasn't in the ring to host him.

The All-Mighty demanded answers from MVP as to why he betrayed him last week and paired up with the giant.

The VIP Lounge hosted Bobby Lashley

WWE writers booked this filler segment to keep the rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Omos relevant.

The two had a decent match at WrestleMania 38, but Omos still has more work to do in the ring. MVP could be the perfect mouthpiece for Omos, who isn't too great on the mic. A meaningful rivalry with Lashley will help put him on the map and turn him into a future star.

With Styles out of the ring, Damian Priest gets in the center of the ring kneeling on one knee and, once the lights are off, an intense blue light (like Edge's in the previous episodes) turns on him who smiles. The match, technically, ends here.

Who won? Boh. In fact Styles, backstage is furious and says he wants to stop once and for all Priest, Edge and anyone who is part of this stable. WINNER: I DON'T KNOW WHO WON. Seth Rollins came out to watch the match and The Miz tried to get the upper hand off the early distraction but was denied.

Rhodes countered an early Skull Crushing Finale before getting a vertical suplex. The Miz locked him in a chinlock before Cody broke out and was tossed outside the ring. Back after another break on RAW, The Miz locked in a Figure Four leglock but Cody reversed it.

We have seen WWE changing and shortening the names of their superstars lately. They have done this many times in the company’s history. For example, they changed The Rattlesnake’s name from The Ringmaster to Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the 90s.