*Spoiler* Naomi defeated Liv Morgan

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*Spoiler* Naomi defeated Liv Morgan

CODY RHODES VS THE MIZ. Here it is finally the match that many were waiting for, or the return to RAW of Cody, after 6 long years, which challenges The Miz. Before starting, however, Seth Rollins introduces himself, always impeccably dressed (irony) and sits down at the commentator table to watch the match as a spectator.

Very nice match, with a sensational Cody Vertical Suplex that came out flawlessly (this time I'm not ironic). Rhodes tries to close the match immediately but Miz, a tough nut to crack, doesn't give him this satisfaction.

Eventually, Cody, first with the Cody Cutter (the only move of its kind) and then with the Cross Rhodes, backed The Miz and won the match. After the match, Rollins enters the ring saying he heard the word "rematch" and that he absolutely wants that to happen, also because at WrestleMania he was surprised, this time it won't be like that.

Eventually, Seth says "Rollins vs Rhodes, part Two" and challenges Cody, who obviously doesn't hesitate to accept. WINNER: CODY RHODES. Naomi and Liv Morgan countered each other's moves early on before Naomi got a kick in and Liv came back with a hurricanrana.

Naomi got a big boot before they both took each other out with dropkicks.

Naomi def. Liv Morgan

We go backstage and find Patrick Kevin interviewing Tommaso Ciampa but, we don't know why, Ezekiel shows up, claiming to be Elias' younger brother.

So Owens arrives who obviously does not believe in Ficar's words .. Ezekiel but the latter stresses several times that the Canadian is wrong. In the end, Tommaso Ciampa also believes in Ezekiel and Owens claims to be the only mentally healthy one.

LIV MORGAN VS NAOMI. First women's match of the evening that sees Liv Morgan challenge Naomi, the fresh tag team champion in the women's category. Match without history that is quickly won by Naomi thanks to a roll-up.

WINNER NAOMI. Bobby Lashley was out next on RAW and said that he was there to crash the VIP Lounge after what happened last week. He called MVP out to the ring and it was Omos who walked out first, followed by Lashley's former manager and best friend.

Austin Theory had come to WWE Official Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville to ask for his match against Finn Balor for the US Championship. There he told them to call him only Theory from now on, as it was his name.