*Spoiler* Bianca Belair continues to win

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*Spoiler* Bianca Belair continues to win

After the commercial break, in the ring we find Bobby Lashley ready with a microphone to lash out (in words) against MVP for what he did last week, betraying him and going to the side of Omos (and luckily). Omos and MVP arrive on stage, with the latter explaining the reason for what he did last Monday.

MVP says he should be thanked by the All Mighty, as his WWE career was going to be blessed. Before his arrival, he could not even get close to the WWE Title, while thanks to him (MVP, ed), he managed to win it and dominate the entire roster.

Now, however, always according to MVP, we need to think about the present, which is Omos; he will take the place on the highest peak of the mountain because he knows that only with MVP he can do it. Queen Zelina got a big match on WWE RAW against Bianca Belair.

The match kicked off with Zelina trying some unique offense early on to take the women's champion down.

Bianca Belair def. Queen Zelina

Deville faked announcing who would face the RAW Women's Champion next before attacking her from the back.

She took down Bianca Belair before signing the contract to become Belair's next challenger. The match between Queen Zelina and Belair wasn't anything special. However, what followed gave fans a pleasant surprise. Deville returned to the ring for a short rivalry against Naomi and Ronda Rousey.

She could prove to be a good challenger for Belair until WWE builds The EST's next arch-rival. Lashley closes the conversation by saying that both of them will have to worry about what he will do to them. Backstage we find Reggie, Akira and R-Truth celebrating the bachelor party, without too much interest since the 24/7 Title was not present.

We move on to the WWE Officials' offices with Theory asking for a Title Shot for the US title for next week, getting it. After that Owens shows up and asks to see Ezekiel's document, but without succeeding. Finally, Sonya Deville claims to have found Bianca Belair's new opponent for the title.

Naomi and Liv Morgan countered each other's moves early on before Naomi got a kick in and Liv came back with a hurricanrana. Naomi got a big boot before they both took each other out with dropkicks. Liv tried for the Oblivion but Naomi dodged it before hitting a powerbomb. Liv kicked out of the following pin before they traded rollups and Naomi came out with the win.