Cody Rhodes on Taking WWE Lightly

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Cody Rhodes on Taking WWE Lightly

For a few professional wrestling promotions, keeping their head down and getting on with the job works. The WWE is far too big and no wrestling promotion of the world can compete with it. The WWE conquered WCW in the 2000s and the WCW was the only company that came close to taking over the wrestling industry.

Ever since WCW went out of business, the WWE has no real competitors. The product is just getting better for the WWE. They have recently started to take things even more seriously, because they know that the indie wrestling promotions are getting popular.

All Elite Wrestling is a wrestling promotion that some journalists believe will rival the WWE. Cody Rhodes spoke to The New York Post, where he stated that AEW is taking WWE lightly. He stated that AEW is concerned about what AEW does and they are not really thinking about beating the WWE.

"I think we take it pretty lightly on WWE. The more we do stuff with AEW, the more we are like, 'Well, that joke, we don't need it.' But there's some stuff because they have been in power for two decades and even more than that really without any competition, and I'm not dismissing that run TNA had during the Spike time.

I'm just saying it was a blip to them versus the situation with the type of backing and the type of partners that WWE thinks we have and they're right."