*Spoiler* The Usos scored a landslide victory

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*Spoiler* The Usos scored a landslide victory

MAIN EVENT: STREET PROFITS VS THE USOS. Match that I loved and that the public also loved, even singing the chorus "This is AWESOME", which is not every day. After various tags, various exchanges in the ring and more, Ford eventually goes for a super, super frog splash against Jey but Jimmy manages to break the pin.

Jimmy himself takes Dawkins and sends him to the stake, putting him out of action. Ford tries to hold on but in the end suffers the 1D from the Usos, which ends the match with yet another victory. WINNERS: The USOS. Post match, RK-Bro arrive, who go face to face with Usos, with all four raising their respective titles.

The Usos arrived backstage after the match and came out to confront RK-Bro. Before saying too much, The Street Profits appeared to talk about their situation with the RAW Tag Team Champions. The confrontation led to a match between The Usos and Street Profits.

The Usos def. The Street Profits

The Usos were in the arena to announce their tag team title unification match. After a break on RAW, RK-Bro and The Usos were in the ring, and after the initial trash-talking, Jimmy and Jey Uso made the title unification challenge.

From Riddle's shoulders comes Dawkins who, with a clotheslines, sends both of them out. In the end, Montez Ford remains in the ring and, stunned, is hit by an RKO from Orton. As The Viper celebrates, the Usos step into the ring and hit him with a double superkick.

The episode ends with the Usos raising all the couple's titles. The episode of RAW ends with this terrifying image, namely that of merging the titles. Personally I find it a mistake to do so but I don't decide. They are just a humble report that accompanies you to analyze the episode of RAW.

A brawl broke out at ringside and Jey sent Dawkins at RK-Bro before the two teams had a staredown. Ford came in with a dive and took down the Usos. Back on RAW after a break, The Profits hit a big double team move from the top rope for a near fall.

The Usos are currently in a heel character following the formation of ‘The Bloodline’. But interestingly, they showed great sportsmanship following their match against RK-Bro at the Survivor Series PPV. Post their clash, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions took to Twitter to break their heel character and pay respect to Randy Orton for creating history tonight.