Pay of Part Time WWE Wrestler Revealed

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Pay of Part Time WWE Wrestler Revealed

The world or professional wrestling is not a very big one. Only a small number of wrestlers in the world are good enough to compete inside the WWE. Those that do get a chance are often not able to stay with the company for long.

Very few wrestlers make it to the top of the WWE! Even fewer win championships. It is also true that big promotions such as the WWE prefer to sign a person who already has a good fan following. The WWE likes to earn money by using famous celebrities and sports personalities.

Some famous TV and movie stars have made an appearance in the WWE. WWE pays such people really well. In fact, some of the highest paid WWE performers are part timers. Eric Bischoff revealed the pay of Dennis Rodman who is a basketball player.

He made a few appearances in the WCW. Bischoff talked about his pay on his podcast. The Hall of Famer received a very good pay! "The total fee was just a little over $1 million, like a million and change," Bischoff said.

"But that was for a number of different appearances. It wasn't just for one appearance. I know that sounds like a ton of money, and it is a ton of money…But in the big scheme of things you know, Mike Tyson probably got three times that much. Other performers in WWF get much, much bigger numbers.