Angel Garza: When you come to WWE you’ve got to change everything

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Angel Garza: When you come to WWE you’ve got to change everything

WWE Superstar Angel Garza spoke to a Wrestlinginc reporter about how much effort and sacrifice WWE brings. There are many things to change and learn. “I think WWE is a different world,” he claimed for wrestlinginc “When you come to WWE, you’ve got to change your style, you’ve got to change everything.

You’ve got to know how to talk in a microphone, you’ve got to know how to perform in front of cameras. You became a superstar. It’s like a weird word to use, ‘oh we are superstars,’ but we really are”.

Angel Garza tries to advise those who want to come to the WWE or who are new, to help them adjust. “When we were in the indie world, we were doing matches 25, 30, 45 minutes. Always killing ourselves,” he added.

“Then wake up the next morning and go and do another 35 minutes match. I think right now we are becoming those superstars we dreamed of. If you put on the table and compare both worlds, it is hard. I am trying to teach those guys, ‘hey, you’ve just got to calm down.’ You can be a superstar, just using this, how can I call it? Platform, we can use the platform.

In a good way, and protect your character, and that’s it”.


Heels have always been a topic in the WWE, and it seems that there has been a lack of them in the last few years. “Right now, we don’t have those heels they were before,” he said.

“We want to have those heels having the shiny moment, ‘hey, just clap for me please.’ Hey, if you’re a heel, stay focused on the heel, you don’t need to kind of, ‘hey can you throw some money to the ring so I can feel great.

I did a good match.’ No, just do your thing, grab your stuff, go to your locker room and then go to your hotel, and don’t worry about anything else. If you keep doing that thing, that’s professional wrestling”.