Roman Reigns changes his perspective on WWE’s product

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Roman Reigns changes his perspective on WWE’s product

Roman Reigns won his battle against leukemia and realized his dream of returning to fight in WWE. 'The Big Dog' will be one of the protagonists of WrestleMania 35, which will take place on April 7th in East Rutherford.

On February 25, 2019, Reigns made his return to Raw, revealing that is leukemia is once again in remission. He was joined on stage by Rollins before the two embraced. Later in the night, Reigns and Rollins would appear to assist Ambrose from an attack by Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Elias, and Baron Corbin, hinting a possible reunion.

The following week on Raw, Ambrose assisted Reigns and Rollins from another attack by the four, before the trio performed their signature pose, officially reuniting the group for the third time. The Shield defeated the team of McIntyre, Lashley, and Corbin at Fastlane.

In a recent interview with the CBS State of Combat podcast, the former WWE Universal Champion talked about his new perspective on WWE’s product: “There’s a lot of different observations that you make and there’s a lot of different things you can see when you’re not on the product and when you’re on the sidelines, so to speak.

So it was a nice breath of fresh air to just sit back and watch something that you’re not a part of and just see the strengths and the weaknesses of the product and where you can think you can help or what you think you can evolve and change."