Henry on Lack of Jobbers

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Henry on Lack of Jobbers

The professional wrestling world is full of characters and different types of wrestlers. Some wrestlers are singed by a promotion only to make other wrestlers look good. These types of wrestlers are called jobbers. Many famous wrestlers became famous because jobbers were available at their time.

Jobbers are the wrestler that usually lose and make the other wrestler look really strong. The WWE is known for creating great jobbers. In the world of professional wrestling, losing is not always a bad thing. Some wrestlers prefer to lose to other wrestlers if the pay is very good.

It is all part of business. These days, the younger talent doesn’t want to lose according to WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. Mark Henry was at The Jim Ross Report, where he stated that the inexperienced wrestlers now believe that losing is a bad thing.

The younger wrestlers also believe that the promotion will simply not pay them back for losing. The WWE is known to disregard its jobbers! This can actually ruin the career of a wrestler. "Like nobody wants to do jobs [anymore]," Henry stated.

"They feel like it's beneath them somehow. And I would be, Hall Of Famer or not, I would go back in a heartbeat if my body would allow it, do jobs and show people the way to get it done. But it's unfortunate for me, my body gave up."