Charlotte Flair: I am the main event

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Charlotte Flair: I am the main event

Charlotte Flair is one of the best WWE superstars right now, thanks to her father's precious advice, the Hall of Famer Ric. She is the first and only wrestler to hold all four championships in WWE as well as the longest-reigning SmackDown Women's Champion in WWE history.

Flair is a seven-time women's world champion in WWE, a record she shares with Trish Stratus. Her accomplishments include being a former (and final) Divas Champion, the first and four-time Raw Women's Champion and a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion.

Prior to joining the main roster, she had a reign as NXT Women's Champion. During a recent interview with Cathy Kelley, Flair commented on her potential for WrestleMania 35 in April: “The way I look at it, I’m still the main event whether I win or lose and that’s what it’s about, WrestleMania.

I am the main event, and I have faced Becky multiple times over the last year, but the difference between then and now is I’m no longer apologizing. I’m not longer holding back. She’s going to get the best version of Charlotte Flair tomorrow and that’s the dirtiest player in the game" - Charlotte said.