UFC Star Believes Lesnar Cannot Fight for Title

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UFC Star Believes Lesnar Cannot Fight for Title

The professional wrestling world is very different from the world of MMA. MMA fights are not predetermined. The outcome of the fight totally depends on the people that are fighting in the cage. Professional wrestling is all about entertainment and delivering a great show to the audience.

The audience themselves know that what they are watching is not actually real. They just like the drama and the action that only professional wrestling can bring. For be a star in MMA, you need to be really good at fighting.

If you are not good at fighting, you will never reach the top of any promotion. At the moment, the UFC is the largest MMA promotion of the world. The best MMA fighters of the world compete in the UFC. Brock Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

He became champion after he defeated Randy Couture and cemented his position in the world of MMA. Even though he is a former champion, Junior Dos Santos believes that Lesnar should not be in the title picture at all. "For sure not Brock Lesnar (next for Cormier)," dos Santos said after his recent fight.

"He's not even part of the sport right now. He cannot come back and fight for the title. It doesn't make sense." Lesnar last fought in the UFC at UFC 200. He beat Mark Hunt, but was caught taking PEDs.