Flair on Her WrestleMania Journey

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Flair on Her WrestleMania Journey

For most superstars, getting a chance to perform at WrestleMania is like a dream come true. WrestleMania is all about the biggest stars performing at the biggest wrestling event of the world. There is no wrestling event that comes even slightly close to beating WrestleMania.

The WrestleMania event generates millions of dollars every year. The biggest WWE stars compete at WrestleMania and are paid very well for it! Only a few WWE wrestlers are allowed to compete at WrestleMania’s main event.

They are usually the most popular stars of the world at that time. WrestleMania has hosted some of the best wrestling matches of all time. The WWE is known to make legends fight other legends at WrestleMania! Charlotte Flair may be the first woman alongside Lynch and Rousey to headline a WrestleMania event.

She spoke about her journey so far with The Austin Chronicle. "I want to say it's hit me, but it hasn't yet," she said. "Just the fact that the women are the biggest topic right now – and I'm arguably the most hated superstar at the moment – is exciting.

I sometimes sit there thinking, man, how hectic it was getting used to the schedule and being on Raw and SmackDown, and just thinking, 'Wow, I made it. I'm on the main roster.' And now to think where I am, it's been an incredible journey."