Latest news on Eric Young's WWE return

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Latest news on Eric Young's WWE return

Eric Young is known in WWE for being the leader of the stable SAnitY, a group that left an important mark on NXT, but not on the main roster. Interviewed by Lucas Charpiot for VL Media in France, Eric Young, who has now found his fortune elsewhere, said he would be interested in returning to WWE because he still doesn't shy away from a chance to make money, but according to him it would be too expensive for the company.

Backstage News on Eric Young

"I mean I'm always interested in making money," said Eric Young. “I don't think they don't want me back though. Besides, my price would be too high for them. They wouldn't be able to afford it.

Obviously, there are tons of guys I'd like to work with. For example, Seth Rollins, with whom I had the opportunity to work when he was still very young. I worked with him ten or twelve years ago in Iowa on an independent show.

There are a lot of crazy and talented people. I would take the opportunity, but I don't think they can afford to pay me, to be honest." Continuing in the interview, the wrestler also talked about his IMPACT Wrestling stable, where he currently works, comparing it to SAnitY, who have almost all left WWE, except Nikki Cross who works as Nikki A.S.H.

on the main roster. "I think they're very similar. Part of that similarity is that it's inclusive. I'm not imposing anything in any of its forms. I think a lot about Violent by Design, so, Violent by Design is the name that was thought of by me, but it definitely is a team effort between Scott D'Amore, Eric Tompkins, head of productions, and Joe Doering because, at the time, Cody (Deaner) wasn't there.

A very collaborative effort. Of course, being the most experienced fighter, most of the time the decisions come from me. I'm biased, but most of the time I think I'm right. But of course, there are similarities. I was also the leader there and was much more experienced than Alexander Wolfe, (Big) Damo, and Nikki (Cross).

But we did a lot of great things there: Tag Team of the Year, Match of the Year, etc…" The World Class Maniac made his return at Slammiversary and found himself right back in the main event picture, as he pulled off a mask to reveal that he would indeed be the fifth man in the main event after a swerve from Rich Swann to claim the fourth spot which had been pre-advertised for a mystery competitor.