LA Knight's promo has been released

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LA Knight's promo has been released

Just before Friday Night SmackDown went on stage last Friday, WWE wanted to rehearse a new team in the blue show rings, introducing LA Knight as the manager of MACE, the former Retribution athlete, the which he was in a team until a few months ago with T-Bar, also a former athlete of the famous Monday Night Raw stable.

In the promo played by Knight, the NXT athlete wanted to reveal how he is now trying to build his very personal stable, named Knight Model Management. LA Knight is enjoying life in WWE NXT now, but all wasn't so bright during his first stint with the company.

LA Knight is very talented

In 2013, he joined WWE as Slate Randall but requested his release a year later, seemingly due to a bad relationship with then-head coach Bill Demott. A video of the promo that the former NXT athlete did before the Friday Night SmackDown episode was posted on YouTube, where he says: "From my successes in front of this camera, in this ring, I was a good guy.

I put all my money aside and started running Knight Model Management. Now, this first talent agency is officially scouting! But as I look around [Worcester], I can tell you right now, none of you incels can possibly qualify.

So, why don't I present to you the first acquisition of Knight Model Management." At that point, Mace enters, wearing an elegant suit and with his hair tied up, then climbing into the ring. LA Knight then continues with her promo, hinting at a possible name change for the boy.

Instead of Mace, he would have mentioned the name Face. "Look down that aisle, at Knight Model Management, we see beyond what the world can see. You see a man who is 2 meters, 120 pounds. You see Mace, I see Face, look at this face.

Men lead a life in silent despair, trying to take their lives, and their careers to the next level. This man is the next level. What you were looking for is Face!" WWE is therefore putting a lot of emphasis on NXT athletes or those who have so far put a little more aside, making some changes to their characters.

Let's see who will be next to join this new group. LA Knight has the potential to become one of the black and gold brand's leading stars. His in-ring work is as entertaining as his promo skills are enticing, and both have shone through since he emerged a couple of months back.