Is Drew Gulak's workplace in danger?

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Is Drew Gulak's workplace in danger?

After doing some very interesting things in the ring, also taking advantage of his great technical preparation, and having then done little or nothing chasing the title 24/7, Drew Gulak now appears to be a new member of the broadcast team in WWE.

In fact, in the last episode of SmackDown, we saw him during a rehearsal as a backstage interviewer, starting with a small interview in Gorilla Position with Madcap Moss. Soon after, he went to Adam Pearce's office to get an opinion but ran into an angry Charlotte Flair who invited him to ask for feedback only after an interview with her in the middle of the ring.

Dave Meltzer was somewhat upset about The Queen, after giving her interview to Gulak, imprisoned the latter in Figure 8, slapped him and made him scream "I quit! " [I give up/I give up].

Backstage News on Drew Gulak

During the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer talked about this commercial with colleague Bryan Alvarez, saying this is probably a sign that Drew Gulak won't last long in WWE and also criticizing the move.

“So, he turns to walk away and she ends up stopping him blocking him from behind and imprisoning him in Figure 8, and she loses her leg, so poor Drew Gulak has to keep his legs in the right position because he doesn't really have the right grip.

So she puts him in Figure 8 and even though there's no pressure on his legs because he's not stuck in the right way, he's got to scream 'I quit! I quit! 'And she goes: 'Say it louder!' and he yells: 'I quit!'" Dave Meltzer continued the speech by noting Drew Gulak's professionalism during the poorly applied hold.

Dave also went on to speculate that this type of segment is generally a bad omen for a WWE Superstar, saying that Gulak should change his phone number because that's the kind of angle WWE puts in place before firing his employees.

The wrestling legend said that the new creative direction was a great opportunity for the former Cruiserweight Champion to gain some time in front of the cameras, which is essentially what every WWE wrestler wants in the promotion: "Talented or not, the decision has been made that maybe he's the talent who won't draw the money that they want him to or draw the fans.

If I was Gulak, I would take what they gave me; that's a lot of exposure he's getting," stated Dutch Mantell. "All he wants to be is to be on that show every week, and then they can do something with him."