AJ Styles pays tribute to Triple H

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AJ Styles pays tribute to Triple H

Two of WWE's biggest main eventers of recent years, among many, are undoubtedly also Triple H and AJ Styles, although the two have never had much to do with each other in the McMahon company rings. Triple H has recently announced his official retirement from in-ring competitions due to a very important heart problem, which also led him to undergo a surgical operation in which he was implanted with a defibrillator, which will help him in the coming years to keep his heart rhythm under control.

AJ Styles, on the other hand, is currently engaged in a feud with Edge, a WWE Hall of Famer, after losing his big match at Wrestlemania, thanks to the unexpected help that came to the Rated R Superstar from Damian Priest, who seems to have entered the famous stable that WWE wanted to create for its Hall of Famer, all made up of heel.

AJ Styles praises Triple H

Vince Russo believes Triple H was instrumental in helping Shawn Michaels overcome his problem with Vince McMahon in WWE in 1998. “Hunter [Triple H] knew Shawn was about to freaking snap, so Hunter went out of his way to make sure, ‘Okay, everybody settle.

This is what we’re doing.’ Making sure everybody was happy. If Hunter went the other way and stirred the s***, forget about it. But Hunter was really, ‘Okay, let’s do this,’ and he really took charge of the situation," Russo recalled.

After hearing all the good words at the WWE COO's address over the past few weeks, after hearing from HHH's own mouth about his medical retirement, AJ Styles also wanted to have his say on the matter, saying that Triple H was also the one who brought him to WWE and without whom we would not have been able to support the Phenomenal One in the rings of the McMahon company.

Speaking to his latest interview for Nick Hausman, AJ Styles said about Tripel H: "Yeah, Triple H was there and I was glad I saw him, man. You have to think when I thought about his retirement that I am here thanks to him.

Because he called me, it was a huge surprise for me." Although Vince McMahon has been interested in AJ Styles' performances for years, it took Triple H's hand to bring the Phenomenal One from the independent company rings to those of the WWE, with the great career of the former TNA World Champion which had already become very important even before arriving in Stamford.