Natalya Talks About Fighting Ronda Rousey

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Natalya Talks About Fighting Ronda Rousey

Natalya was a guest on Wilde On where she spoke about fighting Ronda Rousey inside the WWE. Ronda Rousey is the biggest MMA/UFC star that joined the WWE. Many other UFC stars have also joined the world of professional wrestling over the years, but Ronda is the biggest name.

Female wrestlers that are currently working in the WWE have a different background. Natalya started by speaking about this first.

Natalya Reveals How She Helped Ronda Rousey During Her WWE Career

“You have women from every walk of life.

You have Ronda Rousey. She’s taken a few years off, she’s a mom, she’s still finding her groove,” Natalya said. “It’s not easy coming back after giving birth and being away from everything for years, so she’s trying to find her groove”.

“Charlotte [Flair], she’s got lots of pressures just being kind of a generational kid, so she’s always trying to make sure that people understand, ‘Hey, I’m not just getting all of this because of my last name.’ Sasha [Banks], of course, has transcended even beyond WWE having been a part of The Mandalorian, which is huge”.

Natalya revealed that she has helped Ronda during her WWE career. She provided details about Ronda’s transition into the WWE way of doing things. “Three-ish years ago when I first was training with her, I found her to be really motivated.

She really wanted to learn everything she could about what we did in WWE,” Natalya remarked. “She had done judo, she had done MMA, obviously, one of the pioneer women of MMA. Somebody that put women in MMA on the map.

She understood pretty fast that WWE and pro wrestling is a whole different animal. “It’s not just going in there and you versus your opponent. It’s like, hey, you gotta make sure you have a good relationship with the girls that you’re working [with].

You have to be able to gel and trust the people that you’re in the with because you’re giving them your body, and they’re giving you their body. I feel like she picked up on it really fast because she had respect”.

“She really trusted me to guide her. It made me so happy because we had this phenomenal match. I loved our match together”. Ronda Rousey recently made her long-awaited WWE return after leaving the company in 2019 to start a family.